School Year Drop In

Please use the form at left to register each school year for our Drop-In Program. Registration for Drop-In means your children can come to Haverty Hollow throughout the school year whenever we are open and available. Please let us know in advance when you want to come. Please include your annual $30 registration fee with your form, cash or check only.

Drop-In registration also is required for attendance at our School Holiday Fun Days. Once registered, you will be eligible to receive emails regarding sign up for Holiday Camp days. Some are pay-as-you-go; others require payment in advance.

The Drop-In Rate for school year 2021-2022 continues to be $8/hour/child, with a $5/child transportation fee if your children will ride the Haverty Hollow van from one of the elementary schools we serve.

If you would like to tour the property and building, please give us a call or email us via the Contact Us page.

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