After School

We Offer a Nature Centered After School Program with a Home Like Feel!

We have a Director, 3-4 teachers and take only 45 children, keeping the community small and close knit. We are open from 2:00-6:00 and pick up at Morris Brandon, E. Rivers, Schenck School Kindergarten, Buckhead Prep & Warren T Jackson. We spend as much time outside as possible with over 4 acres of land to explore! You can enroll as Full Time, Part Time or Drop In as needed.

Kids are picked up on our Haverty Hollow Van where they are greeted by a safe smiling teacher! They head about 10 minutes away to Haverty Hollow where a snack is waiting for them and then they head outside. Homework time and study is offed each day and once HW is done we offer our Activity Choices. Kids can look forward to getting to know everyone at the program and becoming a part of the Kiddos @ Haverty Hollow Family!

Parts of the Day

Snack Time: We provide a wide variety of prepackaged snacks for students to choose from each day. We make snack time an enjoyable time to relax and socialize with friends and teachers.

Homework Time: Homework is offered for up to 45 minutes each day offering students time to do homework, study or read. We set clear standards and expectations for students, so they are encouraged to do their best. While we cannot guarantee accuracy, we can guarantee to create an atmosphere that encourages responsibility, confidence, hard work, patience, and independence. Teachers are on hand to answer questions, review and make sure our standards are met.

Activity Choices: Each day your student will get to choose between 3 activities choices! Every day is different! We always offer a variety including Sports, Creative Writing, Science, Drama, Nature, Art, Dance, Tumbling, Music, Community projects and more!!!

SY 2223 Enrollment

  • We have continuous enrollment throughout the year if space is available, based on first come first serve.
  • Ages 5-10, PreK can be brought by parents.
  • We offer Full Time, Part Time or Drop In Enrollment.
  • Students must attend Morris Brandon Primary, Jackson, E. Rivers, Buckhead Prep, Schenck School Kindergarten or be brought over by a parent.
  • If brought over by parent for after school we offer 10% discount.
  • While we follow APS calendar for break camp days, If attending Buckhead prep or Schenck School Kindergarten we still pick up on days those schools are in session if we are running break camp.
  • If you have any questions or want us to tell you more about the program do not hesitate to contact us. We will also host an open house on the same day as your school does.

Tuition SY22/23

$30 Annual Registration Fee

 Full Time Tuition

  • 1st Child: $2300 per semester | Additional Siblings $2050
  • We offer a 5-month Fixed rate of $460/month for the 1st child, $410 for additional siblings

Part Time Tuition (Set Specific Days)

  • 1st Child: $28/day | Additional Siblings $26/day

Drop In (Use As Needed Days)

  • 1st Child: $31/Day | Additional Siblings $28/Day
  • We total up drop In days at the end of month and payment is due on the 10th of the following month