Summer Camp 2021

Thank you for your interest in our summer camp! We hope you are enjoying a wonderful season. Please check back here in January 2022 for the next installment!

Located at Haverty Hollow on East Beechwood Drive, Frog Hollow Camp has served children aged 5-10 for many years. Your child must be five years old by the start date of camp, June 1 in 2021. Carpool starts at 9:45am and 3:20pm. The day is divided into six activity periods. Here are some of the activities offered at camp:

  • arts and crafts – all kinds
  • sand play (outside) or building play (inside with blocks)
  • “cooking”
  • organized outside games
  • rope swing and zip line
  • nature walks
  • tumbling
  • carpentry
  • creative writing
  • cheerleading
  • drama: scripting a short play presented at the session’s awards day

Before and after camp care is available for Frog Hollow. We are open 8am – 6pm. You may choose to pay in advance for a reduced rate or drop in as necessary for our usual $8 hourly rate. Just let us know on your application!

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