CONGRATULATIONS to our 2nd & 3rd Grade Friendship Club

The Froggies, the 2nd & 3rd grade Friendship Club, hosted a cookie sale on Friday, March 1st to raise money for  Water for Schools,  a student-led campaign to raise awareness and funds for water projects in developing nations, for the purpose of building water fountains and bathrooms in schools.   Their cookie sale raised just over $155 which will be sent to Water for Schools along some pictures of the event and letters from the Friendship Club.

DSCN1679 DSCN1681


Greyson Dunning wrote about the Cookie Sale for the Winter Newsletter:

Cookie Sale.  Friday March 1st, 2013.  Bring your cookies before Friday.  $1 a bag.  2nd graders and Third graders will be selling cookies.  Buy cookies.  Bake cookies.  Cookies will be sold outside of Haverty Hollow.  All kinds of cookies.  Yum. Yum. Yum.  A lot should be good.  So many choices.  So many kinds.  Lisa Stanley’s group shall be selling the cookies.  Advertising signs and cookies.  2 people sell cookies at a time.  There are a bunch of people in Lisa Stanley’s group.  A bunch of people should be buying cookies.



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