ChiChi Chinchilla (Unknown Birthdate – June 23, 2017)

We have lost our oldest pet at Haverty Hollow.

How many children over the years have heard me tell the story about why ChiChi came to live at Haverty Hollow?How I was at the small pet store located at Ansley Mall (before there were stores like Petco and Petsmart!) and I saw ChiChi for sale. I told the owners that I had raised chinchillas in my classroom when I was a teacher at Trinity School. The owners tried to talk me into buying him but I did not. Two weeks later I was back in the store and ChiChi was still there. He was too cute! I agreed to bring him to Haverty Hollow where he has lived for so many years. I do not remember what year he came and would love feedback from anyone who has memories of seeing ChiChi at Haverty Hollow.

He will certainly be missed!

ChiChi is buried in our Haverty Hollow pet graveyard.

Lisa Haverty

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